Clothing in a can

Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of lateral thinking can achieve. Most people will be familiar with the story behind the development of 3M’s post-it, the initial developments of Nylon and many other polymers were the results of accidents but what is wonderful to see is how these innovations and discoveries are put to good use.

Sometimes its the coming together of two different minds which can bring the most brilliant of ideas together. For example Paul Luckham from Imperial College London wrote recently for the Institute of Chemical Engineers’s Journal, TCE about the novel new developments which have arisen as a result of being approached by Manel Torres a student from the Royal College of Art. The result was clothing in a can.

Manel sought out Luckham to assist him to develop the “silly string from a can” concept to be actually able to spray a T-shirt from an aerosol can. Ultimately this was achieved as the video’s show.

Luckham sees other major potential for the technology apart from making clothes (or hats) in the development of sprayable cleaning/shoe shine cloths and possibly more importantly in medical bandages and dressings which would be sterile.



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